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Label Slitter/Rewinders - models: 3D150SL and 3D1090SL


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Our range of desktop label slitter/rewinders (models: 3D150SL & 3D1090SL) are used to separate/slit multi-across-the-web labels (up to 5 across).

3D150 Label Slitter/Rewinder
(online & Reel-to-Reel)

3D150L Label Slitter/Rewinder
(online mode)


When printing labels it can be very inefficient to only use a small percentage of the printer's maximum width. Our range of slitter rewinders allow you to use utilise a much greater percentage of ribbon thus saving money. Overall printing time is also reduced by using multi-across-the-web labels.

Note: Both units can be used a standard rewind units.

Slitting can be performed inline (direct from a printer) or Off-Line (Reel-to-Reel). Simple to set-up and operate.


Features of the 3D150SL Universal Label Slitter/Rewinder:

  • Compact design - rewinder, unwinder and slitter integrated in to the single unit.
  • Reliable and Robust (designed and manufactured to the highest standards within the UK)
  • Handles label reels up to 6" wide and 12" diameter
  • Reel Tension Control
  • On-line (from printer) and Off-line (Reel-to-Reel) Rewind capability.
  • Inside/outside wind selector (control easily accessible on top of unit)
  • Variable speed control up to 25m/min (76mm core)
  • Ability to change reel core size (e.g. 76mm to 44mm, 44mm to 76mm)
  • Dancing Arm Control (eliminates all stress on the printhead and increases printhead life)
  • Universal rewind mandrel for winding on to coreless, 44mm or 76mm cores
  • Compatible with all thermal/thermal transfer printers (up to 35m/min)
  • Slitter Unit- up to 4blades (for 5 across labels)
  • Direct drive motor with dynamic braking (no unreliable clutch and brake mechanism)
  • Optional Reel Guide
  • Optional High-Speed Label counter option
  • Designed and Manufactured in the U.K. (we hold a complete stock of spares available at a moments notice)
  • Advice: When choosing either the 3D150SL of 3D1090SL label rewinder you should consider the following:

    • Maximum reel size (width, outside diameter)
    • What size cores do you want to wind on to (44mm, 76mm etc)
    Model No.
    3D150 with slitter
    3D1090 with slitter
    Reel Width
    Reel Diameter
    Core Sizes
    coreless, 44mm, 76mm
    coreless, 44mm, 76mm
    Operating Speed
    up to 35m/min (adjustable)
    up to 25m/min (adjustable)
    Dancing Arm Control
    Inside/Outside wind
    Tension adjustment
    Reel-to-Reel mode (Off-line)
    Option Label Counter
    Carrying Handle

    Available in 240Vac or 110Vac 50/60Hz versions.




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