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Nissan Micra Boot Switch Failure - Solution!

Page last update: March 2013


Note: this solution may work for other makes and models of car (e.g. Nissan Primera). Please call me if you want to see if it might be suitable.

My wife purchased a second-hand 2006 Micra 1.2 S in 2011. About 6 months after, she started experiencing the common fault of the boot not opening when the switch is pressed but worse still, the boot opening when the car was in motion.

This problem has been getting worse to a point were the boot was practically unusable Being an electronics engineer, I felt it was my duty to sort this problem out, particularly after finding out the price Nissan where charging for a new switch (and being of the same poor quality).

Reported problems (here's a current list of secondary problems people have experienced due to the switch fault):

  • Another common problem that has been reported is the battery being drained due to the faulty switch contacts being stuck active (closed). Therefore, over period of time draining the battery (same as leaving the lights on)

    * A continuous beeping sound when the engine is turned ON

The replacement switch used is an IP67 rated push-button switch (does not allow ingress of dust or water down to 1m depth - click here for more info). This switch is used within one of our high-end systems (3D150CNT), that we manufacture and this was found to be an ideal replacement.

A new switch mounting plate was produced to fit in to the existing recess. The new switch plate assembly was then sealed in to place to ensure no ingress of water. See images below

Original Boot Switch


Rear View Detail (Need to send complete assembly as shown )
Replacement Boot Switch (note: housing not included)

Customer Feedback:

'Having wrestled for years with Nissan Micra boot problems - sometimes it would open of its own accord, and at others it would obstinately refuse to do anything for several weeks - I sought help on the Internet. Discovering first that Nissan would charge a high price both for a replacement boot switch and for fitting, so I searched further. I was lucky to discover Ewan Donaldson's site, with a positive link to it on www.howtomendit.com and so took the plunge. He gives very clear instructions for removal and installation of the boot switch assembly - and it doesn't take long to do it. The switch is beautifully made, and it's extremely satisfying to fit it and have the boot working properly and reliably again. Nissan should have Ewan on their consultancy team!'

D. Andrew (from his email dated 21/01/2013)

Also, see what other people have said (testimonials): Click Here

If you're interested, I can offer the above solution for:

Repair cost only: £49 + shipping

Example of shipping costs: England/Wales @ £7.50 (via next day courier - fully trackable). Other destinations please contact me.

Tel: +44 (0)333 1234 188

DELIVERY: I will work on getting the new switch assembly back to you within 2 working days (e.g. arrive on Monday, ship out Tuesday and you have it back Wednesday). The item will be shipped using our next working day courier service (UKMAIL, fully online trackable). I'll send you an email with all the tracking information once it has been dispatched.

Removing the above assembly is very easy.

1. Remove the inner boot panel by sliding a smooth lever between the chassis and the panel. the handle of a spoon with do. The panel is held in place by lugs that unclip from holes in the chassis plate. Be gentle when doing this to ensure you don't snap any of the lugs. So take your time. This is the hardest part, the rest is very easy.

2. Once the panel is removed, you'll see two nuts holding the above assembly in place (see second image above). Use a socket head spanner to remove the two nuts.

3. Follow the switch cable (2 black leads - with grey protective sleeve) down to a white connector. Unclip the connector.

4. from the outside of the car, carefully remove the whole boot switch assembly (as shown above - Pushing out the rubber grommet from the hole where the switch wires go through the boot chassis. ). Put the two nuts you removed back on to the screws and lightly tighten them to ensure you don't lose them.

5. When you close the boot, it cannot be open from the outside. If you do need to open the boot while the switch is being repaired, from inside the boot, use a a price of wire/paper clip (or similar) to short out the pins in the white connector.

5. Refitting is a simple case of doing the above in reverse order.

If you like the above solution we offer,

IMORTANT: Please send me your complete switch assembly (as shown in images above).

Please send by registered post only. Recommend using SPECIAL DELIVERY as it covers you up to £500 for loss or damage) to:

FAO: 3D Labelling LTD
Unit 29 Graphite Way
Derbyshire. SK13 1QH

IMPORTANT: When sending the part, please include your full contact details and a daytime contact number.

Tel: +44 (0)333 1234 188

email: sales@3dlabellingsystems.com (paypal email)

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Payment can be made by Paypal (sales@3dlabellingsystems.com). Cheque payments will require extended time period for the cheque to clear before we can ship the part back.

ENQUIRES: Please feel free to call me (working hours only) if you have any queries. I look forward to hearing from you .

This solution may also be suitable for boot switches on other vehicles. Please contact me and we can see if the solution will work with your vehicle:

  • Primera Boot Switch Fault
  • Nissan Boot Switch Fault (other models)
  • Astra Boot Switch Fault
  • Primera Boot Switch Fault
  • Megan Boot Switch Fault
  • Honda Civic Boot Switch Fault
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  • BMW Boot Switch Fault


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